DJI Ronin M

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Care Plan, 3 jaar zorgeloos fotograferen

Care Plan, 3 jaar zorgeloos fotograferen

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DJI Ronin M

Time-consuming and costly productions with the use of dollies and big rigs will belong to the past with the DJI Ronin-M Stabilizer . The hand held 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with electric brushless motors ensures perfect stabilization, regardless of your movements. With a load capacity of 8 lb / 3.6 kg this camera stabilizer can be used with different camera types and configurations. The ergonomic frame and high-quality materials ensure the intuitive practice of this stabilizer.

Endless possibilities

The DJI Ronin M Stabilizer is simple to use due to the three different control features. Vibrations are automatically collected and corrected, which guarantees smooth video images. With the supplied controller, it is possible to control the position of the gimbal from a distance. The DJI Assistant App provides information on the condition of the rig and has many features that help to set the complete configuration of the Ronin-M.

Underslung (Suspended) Operation Modes

This mode enables that you can video and shoot pictures with the Ronin-M in front of you, at chest height. 

Upright Operation Mode

In some cases you want to keep the stabilizer above your head for the best pictures. Then use the upright mode. This mode is ideal for filming crowds or from a car.

Briefcase Mode

This mode is especially suitable for when you want to film or take pictures in narrow passages. You turn the DJI Ronin-M and hold the device much like a briefcase to the side and close to the legs. To create unique images with ease.

Features of the DJI Ronin M Stabilizer

  • Load weight: 8 lb / 3.6 kg
  • Magnesium frame that weighs only 2.3 kg
  • Angular Vibration Range: ± 0:02°
  • Easy to set up In just five minutes, by using the ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology.
  • Equipped with an included transmitter (controller) for Wireless Pan / Tilt control
  • Ergonomic frame and high-quality materials
  • Features three different control modes (Briefcase Mode, Underslung Mode, Upright Mode)
  • Battery life up to six hours
  • Equipped with a temperature sensor

 In the Box

  • Ronin-M 3-Axis hand held Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Ronin-M transmitter (controller)
  • 2x Ronin-M 4S Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Handle Bar
  • Tuning Stand
  • Cable Pack
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Camera Mounting Plate
  • Two Camera Screws A (1/4 "-20)
  • Two Cameras Screws B (3/8 "-16)
  • Two Camera Screws C (1/4 "-20)
  • Two Camera Screws D (3/8 "-16)
  • Lens Support Screw
  • Lens Support
  • Three Allen Wrenches
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DJI Ronin M
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Geweldige tool!
Voldoet aan verwachting
Michael - 09-04-2016 Eerder had ik een gewone Ronin gehuurd voor een productie waarna we vrij overtuigd waren om zelf één aan te schaffen. De Ronin-M lost alle verwachtingen in en is zelfs in vergelijking met de gewone Ronin iets beter afgewerkt. De DSL setups mogen echt groot zijn, ook bedrading die naar de grip loopt is geen probleem. Hij vouwt heel compact (plat) op en doet heel lang met de batterijen.

Bekijk zeker de youtube-tips voor de afstelling. Deze is eenvoudig maar de autotune geeft zeker niet het best mogelijke resultaat! Geweldig product!

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